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Dean Erwin Northup Born 9/21/1921, the fifth child of Archie and Myrtle (Johnson) Northup in Ottertail County, Minnesota, after Archie and Myrtle returned from a stay with relatives in Canada so he could be a natural born U.S. Citizen.
Dean was in the Army Air Force in England during the War. He married Verdell Alice Damschen (Born 4/29/23) on 11/4/45. He took training for auto body work and worked in a shop in Fergus before moving to the Aurora, Illinois area to a body shop there. He brought Ma and Pa to Aurora, where they both found work for a time before Grandpa Archie returned to Ottertail County in 1958, where he died, Feb. 19,1959. Grandma Myrtle lived on there in a local hospital as a Grey Lady. After a fall she never fully recovered from, Dean loaded her and most of her possessions in his Rambler and moved her to Minnesota to live with Vyron awaiting admittance to a rest home. She died there in 1966 on Dec. 6 while watching television. After retiring from the auto body work, Dean opened an appliance repair shop, which was quite successful before retiring again. They also ran a resort, so Dean has retired 3 times and he's still not tired. The following is a letter Dean wrote in response to Ron's request for a little recollection about past reunions. I thought it was kinda nice timing with the reunion going on over to PV. Ron I says he misses my letters and early recollections. Since Verdell is in bed at 8 pm tonite I can spend a little time writing and get enough rest too to keep up with her. My earliest recollection of Northup reunions was over 70 years ago when we met at Aunt Hattie McNulty's, Uncle Ira Lord's at "Silver Spray" , or My mom and Dad's. We may have gathered at Uncle Hollises - Vy may remember that. I believe Uncle Ira moved to South Dakota after Aunt Meania died and Alva (Lord) Williams too over Silver Spray which was a Dance Hall on the river by West Lost Lake. They also had a stand on the highway where we'd celebrate Holidays. Pa made 5 babies out of 2" by 4"'s that he attached to a horizontal 2x4 with leather straps for hinges. The Nigger baby in the middle. He had cigars, candy and trinkets for prizes. People threw base balls - I'd yell, "3 for a nickle, 7 for a dime - you hit or miss every time." Aunt Esther (Roy Sherman) came from missouri, Auint Lelah (Alfred Thompson) North Dakota. They were all musically inclined and enjoyed singing together. After I got out of the service our family would get together every 4th of July. On the home place. I hope you guys keep the PVRC going many years.

My leg cast includes my foot and thigh so every time I stub or catch onto something it's like getting kicked in the left hip. I'm to get a smaller cast that will bend at the knee on Thursday August 6 - 2 years to the day after getting run over in Minnesota. I won't be able to walk on it but may drive again.

Lotza Love, Uncle Dean

Dean walks fine now two more years have passed. He lost Verdell in the Spring of 2001 after a battle with Alzheimers. She went quickly in a few short years. Dean Northup's page is under construction. Check back soon.

Dean and Verdell Northup Family

Children of Dean and Verdell Northup

Don Born 10-16-1947 married Sharon Lynn Hayes (10/17/52) on 2/24/73
Linda Marie Northup Born; 6/11/49 M. 1.) Albert Adam Brauer (1/31/44) on Jan. 24, 1970.
M. 2.) Terry Lee Smith (B. 8/29/52) on 7/27/96

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Dean and Verdell
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Dean and his Family in about 1961.
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